Cosmo update – from the puppy boy himself!

Hi everyone!

Cosmo here.  Carrie is helping me write this post because it would be fairly challenging to do so on my own without thumbs and all.  Also, she seems to be worried about slobber getting on the keyboard or something.

First things first.  I’d like to invite everyone one coming up to see me to bring giant bags of treats.  Or maybe if you could set the maple creme cookie jar on the floor and conveniently “forget” to put the lid back on that would be great!  Oh, Carrie is saying that is not allowed.  Dang it.  Worth a shot, right?

Travis and Carrie have told me how much everyone has been asking about my leg and how you are all worried and hoping I heal quickly.  I want to say thanks!  It is comforting to know that you all care (I’ve certainly been getting extra head pats and back scratches during my limited appearances out in the lodge!)  I don’t know if you heard, but Travis took me on a special day trip to a new place called Dryden where I got to go into a building with lots of other lucky dogs living in Canada.  I don’t remember a whole lot from the trip, its fuzzy for some reason, but I know they checked out my leg and gave me some treats.  I guess I hurt my right hind leg pretty badly, and now I can’t even hardly go outside and I get this special stuff on my breakfast that is supposed to help it heal.

My biggest regret about this stupid injury is that I didn’t even catch the dang squirrel or that pesky bear.  Ughh.  I’ve thought about that a lot during the last 3 weeks, which have mostly been spent in my bed.  I am VERY well rested.  Carrie has started walking me down to the dock once a day which is nice.  I feel a lot better, but Travis and Carrie still tell me to “slow down”, “lay down”, “stay down”, yadda yadda yadda.  I’m a puppy boy in the Canadian wilderness for gosh sakes!  Alas, I must do as they say and follow doctor’s orders.

The good news is that I get to stay at the lodge!   I was maybe going to have to leave and go back with my buddies Carson and Whitney to visit more doctors and have something called “surgery”.  Carrie and Travis told me my leg was healing pretty well and they wanted me to stay!  Isn’t that great?  They said I will still have to keep resting and not run around too much for the rest of the summer, but I can lay on the deck and watch boats come in on Parker Lake sometimes.

Anyway, I better go.  I think I hear the 4-wheeler, which usually means Travis is coming.  Maybe he is bringing more friends!

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