Last Friday Travis took me on a killer date.  Which is a feat for a Friday evening, considering everything else we typically have going on around here.

Every August, Ear Falls hosts the Trout Forest Music Festival, a weekend full of live music, camping, good food – all right there in Ear Falls.  Ear Falls is about an hour south of Red Lake, which might as well be 1/2 a world away to us once we get in the rhythm of the fishing season.  Each summer when they start promoting the Trout Forest Music Festival, we think “wouldn’t that be nice” and then keep chugging along.  We’ve always been curious and we LOVE live music.  So this year, we said what the heck.  Travis printed out the line-up of those performing on Friday, we busted our butts to tackle the Friday to-do list of cleaning, etc. and at about 4:30 in the afternoon headed into town to get on the road.

It was SO FUN! The music was great. Mostly bluesy rock, folk, bluegrass, etc., which is right up my alley.  Musicians from all over Canada and beyond. There was also this incredible wood-fired pizza food truck where they knew our names by the end of the evening.  We headed back around 11pm, which made for a short night on Friday as far as rest goes.  Definitely worth it though. I can’t believe we haven’t made the effort in previous years.  I just wish we could have spent the entire weekend listening to great music (and eating more of that pizza!)

My advice?  Go check out a local band this weekend.  Soak up some live music before the summer ends.  You won’t regret it, I promise!

For more details about the Trout Forest Music Festival, visit their website.

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