Double birthday week!

We celebrated another birthday today at the lodge.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! And if you know me, you know I like an excuse to A. celebrate ANYTHING and B. bake a cake and C. try a new recipe.  Check, check, aaaaand check.

For some reason I had s’mores on the brain, so I wanted to try creating a s’mores cake.  I know, right!  This is by no means an original idea, but after peaking at a few recipes I started formulating my plan.  The plan included using a small torch in the kitchen, so that was fun!
I was pleased with the results:

And Travis was pleased with being official taste tester:
And I hope Cole was pleased with being in Canada on his birthday catching fish and eating good food with excellent company.  Although I’m sure right now he is sulking instead of packing as he heads out tomorrow.
So it goes.

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