Hello all,

It is definitely starting to feel like the end of the season up here. We woke up to a cooler, rainy morning today – that hasn’t happened a whole lot recently. Travis is out fishing today trying once again to beat my season best for Northern (42″). We’ve both gotten to fish a little more the last few weeks which is always fun. Last week we had some of Travis’ relatives up fishing from Iowa, one of which had a birthday coming up. As a surprise birthday present his family arranged for a sightseeing float-plane ride out of Red Lake! How cool is that? So last week on Tuesday evening I got to skip out on dinner and take them into town for the birthday flight. And guess what? I ended up getting to go on the flight myself! It was really neat to see the lake from an aerial point of view. They asked what we wanted to see, so we flew over the lodge and Travis was waving from the Parker dock.

Travis’ cousin and his mom were scheduled to go up and then the pilot told us that three people could go but he’d have to take one of the plane doors off. Guess who got to sit in the windy seat? I quickly volunteered and it was great. I could see a lot more without the door on the plane, but my arm and face kind of felt like when I went skydiving. The wind was whipping all the skin around.

Anyway, it was a 30 minute flight with Chimo Air. They do a lot of flights for outpost camps. I asked our pilot if they like to do sightseeing flights and he said “You Betcha!” It was $75 dollars Canadian, per person, and they take credit cards. Their office is just past Red Lake Marine on the same side of the road. You turn towards the lake right before you get to the stoplight. We just wanted to pass on the info so you all could keep that in mind as a neat add-on to your trip up to Eagle Falls Lodge. They will of course put the door back on the plane for any future passengers.

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