Eagle Falls Lodge Art

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend.  The weather continues to be ridiculously beautiful here in Central Illinois.  I wanted to share some of the art that we have received since taking over the camp in 2009, all gifts from our beloved guests!  I’d like to think that I am someone who appreciates painting and photography and I love having these beautiful AND original pieces of art to show off in our home.

This first picture is of some note-cards that our super close/life-saving/adventure-seeker/makes ANYTHING fun-friend Mary-Jane Owen had made as a Christmas gift.  We are almost out (ah-hem…please give us more, Mary-Jane) and they have really come in handy for thank-you cards, etc.  She took both of these pictures while at the lodge – aren’t they fun?

These next two prints were given to us by a first-time guest last summer named Stephen Gorman.  He painted while at the lodge and kept the original watercolors, but sent us very nice quality prints of his paintings showcasing both views of Parker Lake.

When my grandma came up to the lodge in 2010 she took a bunch of pictures to show everyone back in Missouri.  Our relative, Mary A. Shepherd Davies, does watercolor paintings and painted this next piece from a picture my grandma showed her after the trip.  She painted several, and Travis and I got to pick out which watercolor we wanted to have matted and framed.  What a fun present!

This next photograph is our most recent addition to the Eagle Falls Lodge art collection and was given to us by Jeff Zwieg.  He does some professional photography and always has amazing pictures to share each summer after his trip to the lodge.  He even made the frame just for me!  If you look closely at the top he included a view of the camp from the lake as well.

Finally, we have another watercolor painted for us by a very close family friend who traveled all the way from Rhode Island last summer.  Leslie Bostrom is an artist by trade and I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with Bostrom paintings.  We have not done this piece justice and still need to have it framed nicely.  However it is hanging in a position where Cosmo can see it, so he gets a little Eagle Falls Lodge fix during the winter months.  Yeah, we don’t baby him AT ALL.

Impressive, right?  We may need to open a small gallery where these can be properly displayed.  We truly do love having them in our home, it makes us feel closer to Red Lake year-round, and it is always fun to show new people what the lodge is like.

Take care,

ps.  We leave in 4 weeks!

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