Eagle Falls Lodge Stained Glass

I’m back on the blog to brag about our guests and how great they are.  Which is easy to do, and we don’t do it enough.

We definitely count ourselves lucky in the guest department.  Everyone is courteous, respectful, hilarious, full of good stories, and many are fairly cut throat when playing cribbage or any other card game.  Which I can appreciate.  We also have some insanely talented guests.  They are ALL talented anglers, but I’m talking about other special talents.

Beth is my friend Bevin’s mom and she made her first trip up after Bevin and Bevin’s dad, Frank, had such a good trip in 2012.  We live in the same town as Bevin in Illinois and LOVE her to pieces and it has been great for Travis and me to be able to “adopt” her parents a bit as well.   Here is a picture of all three of them from their trip this summer…

Now I knew Beth dabbled in the stained glass department, but I had NO idea how talented she was or that I had my very own piece headed my way.  Check this out…

Isn’t it incredible?  
She and Frank hand-picked all the glass and designed it all themselves!  They have a small studio area set up at their house in Illinois where they do stained glass as a hobby.  I am amazed and have no concept of just how difficult putting something like the together would be.  
We (very delicately while holding our breath) hung our latest Eagle Falls Lodge art piece in the main lodge looking out on Parker Lake.  While Beth was up in early July we debated whether we now need another one on the other side of the door.  I like symmetry because it brings my anxiety level down a few notches.  I try to be a free spirit, really I do, but I fear the whole world is potential off kilter now.   Travis says its just an excuse to get another piece of stained glass from Beth.  I admit NOTHING!

A big thank you to Beth and Frank!  We LOVE our one-of-a-kind stained glass – and so do all of our guests!  

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