Eagle Falls Lodge week 1 is underway!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I’m sure some of you are out fishing back home.

Everyone arrived safely to camp yesterday afternoon and as a bonus the weather was nice with no rain.  Woohoo!  I don’t have much of a fishing report yet, as today will be the first full day out on the water for our guests.  I’m sure they would all agree that being in the boat last night, even for a bit, was worth the long drive.  We have a mix of repeat guests and new guests this week.  We are excited to get the new guys on some fish and feed them well back at the main lodge during their stay.

Our good friend, Travis Owen, FINALLY finished his PhD and has been keeping us company while enjoying some much deserved relaxation.  This picture is of Travis Owen, my Travis, and myself at the back of Parker Lake.  This is the area where we initially made it into camp.  Because Parker Lake is a much more narrow, shallow, and smaller body of water the ice typically breaks up and melts at least a few days before Red Lake.  A little unusual for us to rely on this point of entry when making it out to the lodge in the spring, but we were happy to see the A-frame main lodge and get all opening duties underway.

Here are a few more views from the point during the first few days after we made it out to our lodge.  Cosmo jumped right in and dodged ice chunks during his first swim, crazy pup!

Another incredible view of ice on Red Lake.  Everyone should happily know it is gone for good, and will be 75 degrees and sunny today.

I’m off to bake pies and finish dishes.  Jealous?

We will be back later this week with a more in-depth fishing report.  Until then…..

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