Eagle Falls Olympics


I betcha didn’t see that coming did ya? Last week we brought back the Eagle Falls Olympics for the 7 kiddos at camp.  They didn’t think it was a BAD idea. 1048073_1626382494314797_6813165726228551702_o

What’s that you say?  You thought the Olympics weren’t until 2016?  Well, Brazil has nothing on us.  Our Olympics had a fierce line-up of athletes (each representing their country of choice) who tested their strengths in a multi-day competition throughout camp.  I think the other Olympics might want to consider adding some of our stellar events.

Events included:
1. Fishing (duh)
2. Best splash off the dock (points awarded for flair, jump height, and splash height)
3. Maple-creme cookie eating contest (Cosmo won)
4. Kayak race (this one was SUPER fun!)
5. Tire roll (think oversized bowling with trashcans instead of bowling pins)
6. Slingshot target shooting (yes, we have a slingshot) Be jealous.

Here is our official standings board and our finisher medals:DSCN6920 DSCN6914

Everyone chose their own country and made a representative flag.  The flags helped to display the current leaders during the week.  Each day events were announced at breakfast with much anticipation.  And there were finisher medals and prizes.  This all happened at the official awards ceremony, of course.

Here are the targets set up for the sling shot competition:DSCN6908

Cole exhibiting excellent form:

Cailey wasn’t afraid to adjust her strategy mid-event, which worked in her favor for the tire roll:DSCN6897

Nick and Alex weren’t competitive at ALL – ha!  Nick edged out big brother Alex by less than one second in the kayak race.  It was nail-biting!
DSCN6849 DSCN6804 Spectators and athletes discussing strategy between events:DSCN6815
All in all it was an excellent showing of sportsmanship, strength, valor, guts, and glory for all.  Congrats to all competitors!
DSCN6755 DSCN6715
What events should we incorporate into the next Eagle Falls Olympics? Dish drying? Boat cleaning? Oh wait…….

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