Here’s the thing….

We like the eagles.  And its not just because we’d be feathered and tarred if we didn’t (is that too ironic, perhaps?) but we genuinely like them.  I think they are quite moving really.  Such a regal creature.  Its not too surprising that we see a fair amount out at the lodge – I mean its call EAGLE Falls Lodge!  Many eagles are viewed daily, from out in the boat and from on the deck back at camp.

When looking out onto Parker Lake from the main lodge you will commonly see several on the first point to the left.  This is not by chance.  These birds may or may not be used to finding some fish scraps out on those rocks.  Here is the view I’m talking about….

Not a bad view from the office, huh?

Anyway.  The point on the left is where we see our friends the eagles.  Bald eagles.  GIANT bald eagles.  Here is that point a little closer.

See the eagles on the shore there?
So a common string of events goes as such:  
eagles fly over the water 
eagles circle closer to the point
eagles land on shoreline
they have secret eagle meetings
eagles finish secret eagle business
other birds are then allowed to come in to land.  
The eagle rules the roost up here so to speak.
This guy must have forgotten something in his office.
Oh good, he made it back before the snacks were gone.
This year there has been a ripple in the eagle SOP (standard operation procedure – as Travis likes to say).  There has been one eagle that we have yet to see fly.  Remember: birds = flying.  This said eagle prefers to either swim (again, remember: fish = swimming) or walk (various other creatures, i.e. NOT eagles = walking) to the point.  
The first time we saw this eagle swim was incredible.  Its wing span seemed to double in size!  Here is the point in the story where I remind our readers that Cosmo likes to make the trip out to the point.  Cosmo also has great interest in any stick, rock, beaver, etc. that he sees in the water.  What was that you say?  Oh, no big deal.  Just Cosmo jumping out of the boat and swimming towards a BALD EAGLE!!!!
Yea.  That happened.  More than once.  
Luckily, Cosmo is an excellent listener and we called him off.  Not before he and the eagle had some sort of deep animal world face-off that was simultaneously terrifying and unbelievably cool.  
We don’t have any pictures of this, unfortunately.  But we do have some pictures of the eagle on land.   

We have tried to respect this eagle’s space and not disturb him too much, but we are getting a little worried.  Why won’t this eagle fly?  Is it having some sort of animal identity crisis?  We wish we knew so that we could do something.  At first we assumed it was sick or hurt, but it seems to walk and swim no problem.  Very odd.  
We will continue to monitor the situation for you and if anything radical happens we will let you know.  
Also, if I am able to get my hands on any secret eagle meeting itineraries I’ll be sure to leak them on the web.  
Happy Tuesday!

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