Eastern Garter Snake sighted!

Travis has been coming up here for a long time and can probably count the number of times he has seen or heard of someone seeing a snake on one hand.  So they certainly aren’t considered common in these parts as far as wildlife goes.  However, last week two of our guests got a picture of a snake swimming in the water.



Travis did some research (shocking I know!) and thinks he identified it as an Eastern Garter Snake.  These snakes are non venomous (good to know) and can be from one to four feet in length.  They are common in Northwestern Ontario and prefer moist habitats.  Makes sense.

I personally have not seen any snakes out at the lodge, but the very few that have been sighted have either been in the water or close to it.  So keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to read a little bit more about these snakes click here.

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