Electric-Start Upgrade Complete

Reminder – at 10pm we’re on to round two of the Eagle Falls Lodge boat naming bracket contest.  So thank you if you voted in round one.  Make sure to vote again so your favorite name survives!

If you had the chance to visit us this year then this may come as old news, but this year we completed our upgrade to electric-start motors!  Now all sixteen boats can be started at the touch of a button.  If you need a refresher on starting them check out the video link below we made a couple seasons ago.


We have told this story before, but our decision to move the fleet to electric-starts came about in an unusual fashion.  After taking over the lodge in 2009, we were quickly sold on the dependability and performance of the Honda outboards.  We did want to ramp up the horsepower on Red from 15hp to 20hp and move the 15s over to Parker to replace the older 9.9s.


When we placed our first order for a couple 20s, we intended to buy pull-starts.  This was during the terrible tsunami experienced by Japan.  Honda was behind on their production of pull-starts, but had plenty of electric-starts in stock and offered to give us an electric-start motor for the price of a pull-start.  It turned out to be a pretty slick move on Honda’s part.

Everyone, including us, loved it and we started purchasing all electric-starts.  We have had zero battery problems and they make starting the motors a breeze.  Hopefully you had the chance to enjoy one this season.  If not, they’ll be ready and waiting for you in 2016!

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