End of July camp update

Hey everyone!
We just had another great week out at the lodge with two large groups.  One from Missouri (very close to our old stompin’ grounds) and the rest hailed from Wisconsin.  All of them talked about how hot and dry it is back home.  Here we are thinking we have had a warm summer, but we are definitely not experiencing the heat levels that most of our guests are trying escape.  We had temperatures in the 80’s  this week, but it dipped into the 50’s at night which is AWESOME!  We also had some rain on Wednesday which was much needed.  We even mowed, ah-hem Travis mowed, on Thursday.  The camp looks super nice thanks to that sweet husband of mine 🙂
Here are some photos, most of which are from this past week.  They all had a great time and caught some nice fish as well!

All those nice looking fish were caught and released during this last week.  Thanks again to everyone who practices catch and release angling!  
These guys below were up two weeks ago and the guy in the middle is actually a co-worker of Travis’ in the winter time.  It was great to have them up and Travis got to get out on the water with them a bit – tough job, but someone has to do it, right?  They emailed us these pictures once they got home.  A BIG thank you to everyone who remembers to email us photos.  We LOVE getting them and sharing them with everyone else.

We only have six weeks left of the 2012 season.  How is that possible?  It goes by so fast!  Please remember to let us know your preferred week for 2013, as we start to look forward and schedule for next season.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.

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