Fall Update From Colorado

Fall has arrived and we are all settling back into our lives here in Colorado. Jan has enjoyed her sabbatical from the spa and has returned to work, the boys are both back at their jobs and staying busy, as for me I have been busy doing some early season dove hunting, scouting for Nate during antelope season, and am now leaving to meet up with Nate and Ben to muzzle load hunt for deer this weekend.

As we move forward into the fall, Jan will begin the process of contacting all of our guests from the 2020 season who have rolled their deposits over to 2021 to verify the dates, deposits, and names of guests who are planning on coming to the lodge. Our hope is to have all of the conformations completed by mid-November to allow us to post any availability to our regular guests prior to posting them on the website or attending any sports shows.

 We remain optimistic that the border closure will be lifted and are anticipating an exceptional season at the lodge. Currently, we are working with Northwest Health Unit located in Red Lake to ensure that we are COVID compliant and meeting all requirements needed to provide a safe environment for both guests and staff.

 Our summer at the lodge was full of ups and downs, from border closures to forest fires we still managed to get the lodge up and running, complete numerous projects and yes, we did get to do a little fishing!

Enjoy the pictures and as always stay safe,
The Holiski’s

Ben with two footballs aka Smallmouth Bass.
Stan with two smallmouth bass on Parker.
Stan with the largest Northern Pike caught at Eagle Falls Lodge this season.
Jan with great looking Muskie!
Lots of Smallmouth Bass were caught. The sabbatical from fishing this season will likely help the population further grow.
Jan with a nice walleye while Maya catches some Zzzz’s!

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