Family Visit

Hello everybody!

We have had some more crazy weather up here. The guys that were up last week will agree that it was a touch on the HOT side. We had temperatures in the 80’s and even had some humidity. Well those days are long gone. The first few days this week were in the 50’s and the wind has been whistling outside the lodge. Quite the temperature change!

Last time I posted was right before my mama arrived, who was anxious to get away from the Missouri heat. That is her beautiful face at the top of the post. They had a great week and enjoyed the cooler weather, although it was far from being this cool. My cousins Robert and Riley had a blast out on the water fishing and Robert did some canoeing out on Parker Lake. My mom caught a 26″ Walleye below the falls on Red Lake, and my Gran caught several fish including a small Northern that she almost lost to a monster Northern that followed it up to the boat.

We were sad to see them go, but it was great to have some family make it up for a visit!

Below are some highlights of their week at Eagle Falls Lodge.

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