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I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Well it has been about 10 days since our mid-summer recovery week when I got to spend 7 blissful days with my mama, my Gran, and some longtime friends.   And I’m still kicking.  So it doesn’t quite kill me to be separated from my mama, but its darn near close.  She is the best.  I’m telling you, I come from good people.  Family is big time for me, so I am serious when I say how much I appreciate all of our guests and how close they have become like family.

Here I am with my mama and my Gran.  I love them so much!

We had a great relaxing week full of fishing, good stories, good food, and lots of laughs.  The weather was awesome as well!

My friend Emily and I became best friends in middle school.  This was before cellphones.  I remember coming in the door after school or practice, dropping my 50 lb backpack, snatching the cordless home phone (which was a BIG luxury) and instinctively dialing Emily’s house.  My thumb just knew how to dial, I don’t think it even registered in my brain.  I can’t even fathom what we would talk about for hours on end during those formative years.  I must thank both my parents and her parents for putting up with what must have been mostly ridiculousness from the years 1998-2001.  Fast forward 12 years and we are officially lifelong friends.

She is the best and so is her husband, Ben.  We have been lucky enough to visit them a few times a year in Minneapolis where they live now – both when we head up to Canada and when we head home.  Neither of them had been walleye or northern pike fishing and they had a blast learning how during their week up here.

Travis is still a better guide than me for sure.  We got to teach them about back-trolling, jigging, casting, the whole gamut.  It is so rewarding to witness people who are new to fishing get just as hooked (see what I did there guys) as we are!
Here is Ben with his 22″ walleye on Parker Lake.  
(Notice the Eagle Falls Lodge swag his is wearing!)
Emily was hesitant to hold this little walleye….
But had no trouble getting a picture with this 24″ walleye off of Red Lake
That face is PRICELESS!
Emily’s mom, Lisa, caught a smallmouth on Parker Lake
And my mama caught a 22.5″ walleye on Red Lake
We made sure to have a traditional fish-fry while they were visiting
Nice looking stringer, right?
We are still just as ridiculous in 2013 I think.

All in all it was a much deserved and needed break.  Alas, there is plenty of work to be done now!

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