Family Week

A quick recap of some of the shenanigans from the week we had our friends and family up to the lodge.  This is one of our favorite weeks of the summer for a multitude of reasons.  More fishing being a major highlight.  Over the course of this week, we had lots of great fish caught by veterans and rookies both.

Here is Aaron with a 21.5″ walleye:
Aaron 21.5%22 Walleye
And Claire with a 18.5″ walleye:
Claire 18.5%22 Walleye Claire eater size walleye
Erin caught this walleye on Parker lake:
Erin walleye

Here is Mercer with a 21.5″ walleye”
And Carter with a 22″ walleye:
And a 17″ smallmouth:

Jamie got this 24″ walleye on Parker as well:
Jamie 24%22 Walleye
Jason caught this 21″ walleye:
Jason 21%22 Walleye
And this 26″ walleye:
Jason 26%22 Walleye
Here is Jill with her 19″ walleye:
Jill 19%22 Walleye
Riley started off the week strong with this 29″ walleye on Red Lake:
Riley 29%22 Walleye
Sarah caught a NICE 10″ rock bass!
Sarah 16.5%22 Smallmouth
Travis didn’t just guide all week, he also got to fish!  Here he is with a 22″ walleye: Travis 22%22 Walleye
And my dear brother, Will, with a 13″ smallmouth…Will 13%22 Smallmouth
…and this “bite-sized” perch. Ha!
Will bite size perch

We enjoyed a shore lunch with the whole group as well:
Shore lunchFleet meeting
Claire, Addison, and I provided the appetizers – fresh wild strawberries!Berry pickers

We also tested the limits on the kayak – a 4 man version here with Mercer, Riley, Claire, and Addison:
4 person kayak

All in all it was a phenomenal week.  It brings Travis and I great joy to be able to offer friends and family the chance to make it up here for a week of fishing and good times.  We feel pretty lucky to get to share this place!  We miss everyone already, and it is hard to believe that a week has already gone by since they left.  Happy Friday, y’all.

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