In case you have been wondering…

Things have been happening here as follows:

Happy Victoria Day!  This Canadian holiday officially celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria and unofficially marks the end of the winter social season.  I think it may be early since it’s currently 29 degrees and snowing.

We have the power operational although we are not running it 24/7 until guests arrive to conserve fuel.  So if you are trying to reach us by phone, please leave a message and we will respond as soon as we can.  Email is also a good option as we are checking it almost daily.

The water was flowing until today.  The temperature dipped into the mid 20s last night and freezing rain turned to snow.  The water lines froze, but will hopefully thaw out by tomorrow with minimal damage.  The good news is the forecast improves each day so by next week (first week of guests) we are looking at highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.

The fishing season in Ontario opened Saturday, but we have yet to wet a line.  We have been busy tackling some projects we hope to fill you in on soon.  I will try to get a feel for what the fish are doing later this week.  The ice went out the weekend of May 2nd which was before the average date of May 8th.  That was a welcome change from the past couple seasons where the ice went out nearly two weeks late.

The water level was low when we arrived.  It would have been an average level for late in the season, but we are used to starting off with a high water level from all of the spring runoff and gradually dropping through the season.  The marina said there wasn’t as much snow here this year and some warm temps earlier this spring evaporated much of the snow moisture.  Hopefully all of the rain and snow from this past weekend will help bring the levels up a bit.

This picture shows the high water level from the 2014 season with water right up to the back of the boats and the fish house.


Here is the same perspective from this morning showing several more feet of dry land.


The last thing I need help on is my investigation of who ate my season supply of Monster Mix, most likely in a moment of desperation.  I narrowed it down to two suspects and they both start with the letter “C”.  The punishment will have to be severe since the closest Target is about 500 miles away.

Carrie is working on another video project that should be ready to share later this week.

Tight lines!

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