Final Countdown

Good morning folks.

In efforts to keep it real on this blog, it is safe to say that today will be a long one.  The ice is hanging on in all its frozen glory.  So at 24 hours before our first guests arrive we have had no access on Red to bring in supplies, our 4 wheeler, and thus our abilities to launch boats on Red Lake.  Are you worried?  Did we lose all hope?  Have we started clawing each other’s eyes out?  Heck no!  I married Travis Mack, and if he is anything it is ambitious, focused, ridiculously even-keeled, and committed to the cause.  Today is a day for readjusting our “to-do” list, funneling as much supplies as possible by camp boat (one grueling trip at a time) and spending any extra moments or energy hoping, praying, believing that the last bit of stubborn ice (that coincidentally blocks our access to and from town) will FREAKING MELT!  TODAY!  Please and thank you.

For those of you arriving tomorrow.  We will see you at the marina or landing, per usual.  We are still hopeful that the last blockage of ice will be gone.  If not, there is plan B,C,D, etc.  All which end in eating lasagna at Eagle Falls Lodge.  So don’t fret!  Email us if you have questions, but keep in mind we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off and we WILL see you tomorrow.


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