First Muskie

My brother Carson caught and released the first muskie of the 2012 season.  He portaged the new kayak at Eagle Falls Lodge to Paulore lake.  The last cast of the day yielded a nice 39″ muskie pictured below.  The lure used was a Mepps Musky Marabou with orange, green , & chartreuse coloring.  This fish proves once again that the next big lunker could be just one cast away.



  1. Great job Carson, I said leave some big ones for us.

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  3. What other muskie lures do you recommend?

    • I like to throw big lures for big muskies. Mepps has a great line of oversized spinners similar to the Musky Marabou Carson was using. The Musky Killer is another one of my favorites. I also like throwing large spoons like a Williams Wabler or a Doctor Spoon. Another technique that works well on large Northern Pike and Muskies is bobber fishing large sucker minnows that are several inches long. The Red Lake system isn’t well known for producing lots of muskies, but we do see a few caught each season. Many are incidentally caught by walleye fishermen on jigs or lindy rigs.

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