Fish Measuring Boards

Thanks to my Uncle Terry you will notice some sleek measuring boards in the boats this year.  He actually made them a couple years ago, but getting them marked up got lost in our lengthy to-do lists.  This season we made some stickers to apply to the boards which conveniently end at 18″.



A few reasons these boards rock:

* They don’t take up too much room in the boat.
* They are perfect for measuring eater size walleye
* They provide an easy way to determine if your walleye exceeds 18″ and must be released according to our new conservation policy this year.  Say what?  Catch up here.
* They are great for measuring smallmouth bass or even better – rock bass!
* If it gets real ugly, you could also use them to swat mosquitoes or your fishing partner!

Don’t worry – if you get into some lunkers, each boat also has two measuring stickers that go up to the 36″-42″.

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