Another great week is in the books.  This is one of the most highly anticipated weeks of the summer.  This family is top notch. We are so grateful that they share their annual “Fish On” trip with us. They are some of the most generous, helpful, funny, and kind people we know.  It is a family reunion (for everyone!) when they make it to camp.  We LOVE the Holiskis!

This is the same group that has committed to “Paying it Forward” and sponsoring a trip each summer for a kid to make it to Eagle Falls Lodge that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. You can read more about that here.  Not only are they excellent examples of generosity, but they are outstanding stewards of the earth and leave everything a little better than they found it.  Our hats off to them, always.

After a multi-day trip in the car from Colorado they were antsy to get started.

Bob with a nice stringer:

Here is Jan with a nice 20″ walleye:
Jan 20%22 Walleye
And Stan with a 39″ Northern!
Stan 39%22 Northern
Here is Zuko and his mom Shaila enjoying a nice afternoon in the boat.  At just 5 years old he was a trooper all week and caught on quickly!

The kids took a few breaks from fishing to participate in their 2nd annual Eagle Falls Olympic competition (more on that later). It got pretty serious.  And towards the end of the week, the sun came out and it was time to enjoy the water.  I think Cosmo instigated that whole situation, and he was plenty pleased to have everyone join in on the fun. IMG_4574 2DSCF1533IMG_4476 DSCF1527

You guys!  How is the second week already over?  This is nuts.  I best finish my town errands and get back to camp.  New crew arrives tomorrow!



  1. Jack Hughes

    Was it really a 39 inch walleye or a typo


    PS see you next week

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