Fish On 2021!!! Let the fishing begin!

Our first guests arrived and much to our surprise (and theirs too) the border crossing was uneventful, taking anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes with no long lines.
The border agents were respectful and very thorough when reviewing the requirements for entering the country. The requirement of having your travel plans and other required information on the ARRIVECAN app, completed within 72 hours, seems to have made the entire process faster and has helped eliminate most issues. It appears that they (the CBSA) are getting all of the bugs worked out and things should continue to improve over the next couple of weeks if not days.

So let the Fishing begin!

Ron and Tom Ingram

Father and son duo of Ron and Tom Ingram from Wisconsin were one of our first groups to arrive to kick off our 2021 season. Having the entire camp to themselves for a few days allowed for some nice quiet days of relaxation until the fishing began. They spent most of their time on Parker Lake enjoying the entire lake to themselves, not a sole insight!  ( not totally to themselves, Ben & I would occasionally sneak out to check out where they were fishing so when we asked for the scoop we would know if they just giving us the line hook and sinker )

We enjoyed some Sheboygan brats and some Wisconsin genuine cheese curds that they brought up to share and were they Delicious!! Thanks for your generosity and your continued support of the lodge, we truly appreciate it.

Ron with a nice eater walleye.

Tom is not to be outdone holding another nice eater!

The Paul Holland group from Grand Rapids were first time Eagle Falls Lodge guests and were not disappointed, the group caught well over 200 fish including two nice Master Angler’s.

Paul Holland group from Grand Rapids, Michigan

(from left to right: Tom, Paul, Brian, and Dave)

Holland group at dinner

Paul’s 42-inch Master Angler northern pike

Tom’s 18-inch Master Angler Smallmouth Bass


Thanks again for everyone’s support! We cannot again tell you how excited and grateful we are to have the opportunity to once again have guests at the lodge. The 18-month border lockdown has been especially hard for the entire fishing lodge industry and being able to potentially salvage part of the season is truly a blessing and hope to see some familiar faces over the next several weeks.

We still have availability so be sure and check out our website under reservations the click availability to see what weeks are open.

Fish On 2021,

The Holiski Family

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