Fishing Wish List

Still looking to fill out that holiday wish list?  Here are a few items to consider that will definitely improve your fishing experience.  Summer fishing may seem like a long way off, but it’s never too early to start gearing up!

Rubber landing net from Cabela’s $59.99 – $69.99
Rubber nets are easier on you and the fish when compared to old non-coated nylon nets.  They don’t have knots which can be abrasive to fish and also will cut down on the number of tangled hooks which makes releasing fish much faster and safer.  Be sure to consider what species you are primarily targeting since you’ll want a bigger net for Northern Pike than you will need for Walleye.

Dry bags from Cabela’s $17.95 – $37.95
Dry bags are a must for me.  There’s always something in the boat you want to keep dry whether it’s a camera, GPS, papers, or snacks.  It may not be raining, but you’ll still have spray from the lake when underway or water dripping off all the fish you’re catching.  Cabela’s has a great line of dry bags to choose from.  
Lindy Rig Components from Jann’s Netcraft $2.59 – $10.99
I don’t have time to build all kinds of lures, but if you build it then Jann’s Netcraft has the parts for it.  I like their site for the selection of lindy rig components.  They have a terrific assortment of all colors and sizes of beads, blades, hooks, clevises, and swivels.  

Nubait Spinnerbaits $6.95 – $12.95
Don’t forget about these deadly spinners that won Bait of the Year in 2010 at Eagle Falls Lodge.  Check out their site where you can customize bead, blade, and tail colors.  These lures work great for consistent Northern Pike action and yield big fish.  
Rapala Clackin’ Rap lures from Cabela’s $4.99 – $10.99
Last year was the first time I had used the Clackin’ Raps and they were well worth the investment.  I replaced hooks on several of them midway through the season due to the numbers of fish they were bringing in and they equaled or outperformed the Husky Jerks that I like to use for trolling and casting.  Bonus – right now they’re on sale on the Cabela’s site.   
Hope this list gives you a few ideas for upgrading your equipment.  If you find any new (or old) products that make your fishing experience better be sure to let us know!  We love to hear what’s working for you and trying new things too.  Photos courtesy of linked sites.  

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