If you visited us this summer then this isn’t surprising news.  But we thought it’s worth noting we completed our boat upgrade! The entire Red Lake fleet is now comprised of Lund 16′ SSV boats.


The SSVs have plenty of features that we love.

The walkthrough in the center makes it easier to move about the boat and store more gear and other essentials.  They also sport a flat bottom in the front which makes for stable footing when casting.

There is additional storage available under the rear seats which allows us to stow the battery and gas tanks out of the way.  We can also run the battery cables and fuel lines through tubes to keep them from tangling with your feet.

Also, the SSV is a bit wider than its predecessors.  It has a 72″ beam width which handles rough water well and reduces spray.

The best part may be the fact that with all new boats on Red Lake, we have been able to move better boats over to Parker and retire some aging boats.  One of our pet peeves is leaky boats and we have successfully eliminated all leaky boats!  We think you’ll find fishing is much more enjoyable with dry feet.  So, if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy one of the SSVs in 2015, that’s one more thing to look forward to in 2016.

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