Fleet upgrade – Lund SSV

It’s been easy to overlook the new boats on Red Lake with all of the new Honda electric starts.  Be sure to check out the new Lund SSV 16′ boats.  We added two more this year bringing our total up to six.  We have been steadily adding 1-2 per season and next year with the purchase of two more, all of the Red Lake boats will be of the SSV variety.  SSV stands for “Super Special V-bottom”.  Not really.  I just made that up.  I actually cannot find what SSV stands for.  I’m sure Lund knows.  “SS” used to mean “steamship” which doesn’t apply much anymore, but is routinely used to describe craft that are not powered by sail.  So that’s my guess.  Anyway, these boats are getting great reviews from guests.

Several features make these boats terrific for fishing.  The person in the front of the boats enjoys a flat deck to stand on which is especially great for casting.  There is a split seat in the middle which is nice for moving through the boat.  We use the two storage compartments under the rear seat for the fuel tank and battery to reduce the clutter around the driver’s feet.  These boats are just a touch wider than our other Lunds and feature a more pronounced V-shaped hull which makes them very stable and they handle rough water beautifully.  They will still do about 22-24 m.p.h. with two anglers and gear depending on the load.
Here’s the stats on the SSV:

Length: 16′ 2″
Width: 55.5″
Weight: 340 lbs.
Capacity: 5 persons or 1,100 lbs.
Bottom Aluminum Thickness: .08″

This new boat hit the water today and will be looking for someone to take it on its maiden voyage.



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