Flooding on Highway 105

We have been getting lots of rain here in Red Lake, as have many residents throughout Northwestern Ontario.  Travis has certainly been getting an upper body workout everyday pumping the water out of all the boats!  Some rain is much appreciated, but all this water has to go somewhere and there has been some flooding in the area as a result.

Last Thursday Hwy 618 – which takes you from Red Lake to Madsen (just west of Red Lake about 6 miles) washed out completely.  By Friday it was temporarily repaired to allow traffic to continue (many people who work in Red Lake live in Madsen).  There are some pretty incredible pictures on the local newspaper’s, The Northern Sun News, website.  You can view them by clicking here.

Just north of Vermillion Bay on Hwy 105 has been completed flooded on and off for a week or so as well.  Traffic has been redirected and controlled in this area pretty well from what we hear and so far everyone has been able to get around the flooded road one way or another.

Shawn came up to the lodge last week and made this short video –


The guests that arrived yesterday said the water is now off the road so that is a good sign.

The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario provides information to travelers about road closures (either due to flooding or construction) on their website.  You can find out more here.  Might be good to check it out before you head up!

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