Gear up now for next spring!

I’m sure some of you reading this have already received your email update or friendly postcard reminder from OUR personal favorite store, Cabela’s, about some of the great deals they have going on right now.  Seriously, there are some GOOD deals.   I don’t want to fully admit to the amount of online deal searching I’ve got under my belt, but this was something I just had to pass along to everyone.  And, maybe you can get a little christmas shopping done early!  All from the comfort of your couch or desk chair!

Now through November 11th when you place an order of $100 or more you get 20 off – just by punching in the code found on the website.  You won’t miss it – its flashed across the homepage.  And who out there can’t think of $100 worth of fishing gear they probably need (okay, okay, gear they want).  Need is a relative term, right?

What’s that, you can’t think of what you need?  Umm, how about some new rain gear.  And if you’re being honest with yourself, what you really want is the super nice GORE-TEX Guidewear that Cabela’s is so known for.  Travis’ set has paid for itself 10 times over.  And right now they’ve got it marked down big time!  Like $100 off each piece!  PLUS you’ll receive $20 Cabela’s bucks when you purchase any Cabela’s apparel with GORE-TEX priced $99 or higher.  But you have to order your new Guidewear by November 9th!


Lets do the math shall we?

Regular Price of Guidewear bibs and parka = $600
Current Sale Price of Guidewear bibs and parka = $400
Add in the $20 discount for placing an online order of $100 or more
Plus $40 in Cabela’s bucks!

Total savings = $260 – that’s over 40% off.  I KNOW!!!

Don’t forget that they offer free shipping to the store.  You are welcome.

Visit their website here: Cabela’s

*We weren’t paid, poked, or prodded to promote any of this.  We just love when our preferred retailer offers up good deals.  And Travis loves alliteration.

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