Get your live bait!

Here is a rundown on 2016 pricing for live bait at Red Lake Marine including tax.

Minnows (per dozen)
Small/Regular $5.00
Large  $7.50
Frozen Cisco (6″-8″) $9.03
Sucker Minnows (when available) $20.34

Dozen  $4.52
1/4 lb. $13.26
1/2 lb. $26.50
1 lb. $54.13

1 dozen nitro crawlers (green) $5.09
2 dozen pack $10.74
1/2 flat (250) $52.26
Full flat (500) $104.53

For small orders you can expect the bait to be in stock.  For larger orders (more than a couple dozen) it would be best to call ahead sometime the week before your trip to reserve your live bait.  You can phone Red Lake Marine 807-727-2747 or fax your order 807-727-1183.

The other two places you can acquire live bait in Red Lake are TJ’s Quik Stop on the right as you come into town or Red Lake Outfitters across from the marina.  Red Lake Marine is the most convenient since we meet guests there, but there are a couple backup options if they happen to be out of something.

The marina will usually put minnows or leeches in an oxygenated plastic tote or bag.  We have a limited number of minnow buckets and leech totes at camp you are welcome to use.  We also provide ice and refrigerators specifically for your live bait.

As a reminder you cannot bring live minnows or leeches across the border.  You can bring nightcrawlers as long as they are in bedding or newspaper and not dirt or soil.

I’m sure someone will ask, but we don’t know the answer to the question of how many leeches come in a pound.  It’s like trying to discover how many licks it takes to get the center of a tootsie pop.  You’ll get a different answer every time and it depends on who’s counting.

All three types of live bait proved successful this week.  We’ll post pictures of some of the week’s best catches in the next day or two.



  1. Bob tenneys

    I was wondering if anyone has tried fishing with salted minnows

    • eaglefallslodge

      Hi Bob,

      We have had a couple groups use salted minnows with some success. The main drawback seemed to be the salted minnows not staying on the hook very well particularly when it’s warm. Not sure they are quite as good as live minnows, but definitely an option and you can bring them across the border.


  2. David Dvorak

    At Border Sports in International Falls when you could bring them across informed me that a pound of medium size leeches usually was around 10-12 dozen. Now where we get them in Fort Frances it is all sizes; small to large in a pound. Hope this helps. See you in July.
    Dave Dvorak

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