We are reaching that point of the season where we are getting into the groove of our weekly routine. Things are clicking. You might say we are in the zone. Now that I’ve put that out into the world I’m sure something totally unexpected will happen. In like 10 minutes.

I know I sound like a broken record, but this week was the best. Having a camp full of EFL veterans is always a blast because it feels like a reunion and everyone knows the routine.

These guys split their time pretty evenly between Red Lake and Parker Lake and caught plenty of fish.  Here is a quick snippet of some of their catches:Bill 20.5%22 Walleye2 Bill 32%22 northern pike
A few smallmouth have been caught on the Red Lake side.  And we continue to have guests catch nice smallies consistently on Parker as well.  Chris snagged this one on Red in Martin Bay.
Chris 15 smallmouth
Mike didn’t know what he had on the line when he pulled in this 25″ sucker.  A slightly unusual catch, because it doesn’t have the typical red fins.
Mike 25%22 sucker
Mike stringer
Tom walleye

We have a new leader for walleye after this week as well.  (Side note: It didn’t slip past you guys that I had an unfortunate typo last Friday when I said someone caught a 39″ walleye. Oops. I meant northern. Sorry about that.)

Here is Will with his 25.5″ walleye.  Great catch, Will! Will 25.5 walleye

We were sorry to see these guys head out this morning, but are already looking forward to the crew arriving tomorrow.  But first coffee and Timbits.  Oh, and cleaning the entire camp.


  1. Meghan Denny

    Have a great week with your next crew… I heard you have some pretty great guys coming up!! 🙂 wishing I could be there this week with them 🙁

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