I ran for the first time today since arriving in Red Lake last Monday.

My shoes felt extra bouncy. My legs felt extra heavy. My heart felt extra happy.

Running is definitely my happy place. So it can be a bit tricky during the summer months, because I can’t just bound out the door for a run.  Shouldn’t my happy place be fishing, you ask?  Nope. Its running. Hands down.  And running on days like today when you have extra random town errands and the diesel wagon barely makes it back on the barge and its 2pm and you haven’t had lunch make it that much more clear.

Running is when I either work diligently to solve the worlds problems (or at least mine) or I just don’t.  I can just pound out the miles and somehow look up and I’m back where I started.  Today I was starting to try and predict how long our town errands were going to take, how much such and such would cost, how many days we had left until guests arrived, and it was making me anxious. So I switched focus. This morning, I set no alarm.  Cosmo and I got up, had our breakfast, and then I enjoyed my coffee outside enjoying the lake view and a good book. In that moment, I knew that whatever tasks got done or not done today would be just right. And that I would go to bed knowing this to be true.

This venture can be daunting, and dirty, and dangerous, and ridiculously tiring.  But it is also incredibly rewarding. And on days like today, when I’m lucky enough to get a few miles in, its pretty darn wonderful.  There really is so much to be grateful for. Grateful for our families who support us in owning a freaking Canadian Fishing lodge.  And I am forever, endlessly grateful for Travis who pushes me to be my own person and chase my dreams, but who also knows when to pull me in safe. And perhaps most importantly can recognize, on a dime, when it is time for me to go for a run.

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