Greetings from Snowy Colorado

We are finally digging out of “Big Snow Storm”! One of the largest in our state’s history and we definitely can use the moisture.
Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of our guests as we all continue to look forward to the day when we can all gather at the lodge and enjoy the simple things that we have all lost during this pandemic, your smiling faces, the fish stories, and most of all ability to reunite with all of our guests!
I was hoping to provide everyone with a little clearer picture and understanding of how and when the border would reopen but after making numerous phone calls and countless emails it is clear that there is no definite plan to reopen the border.
There has been some positive headway made here in the U.S. but after reading the following news release we again just do not have good and accurate information at this time.

The one-year anniversary of the quasi-shutdown of the Canada-U.S. border will come and go next week, with no end in sight to disruptions that have affected lives, businesses, and communities touching the world’s so-called longest undefended frontier.


Once again, the tightening will be extended on March 21 for another month as it has every month since the pandemic crashed onto this continent last year.


Once again, the people most affected will wonder what the plan is for reopening and what sorts of public-health stats would allow regular travel to resume.


The truth is: There is no plan.


Eagle Falls Lodge Border Update for the 2021 Season

Here is what we know as of now, the border closure has been extended to April 21st. Our feeling is that when April 21starrives the closure will be extended until May 21st.  The Canadian government will continue to evaluate the closure every 30 days and will make a determination at that time to either open the border or to extend the closure for another 30 days.

We have reached out to the Northern Ontario Tourism Organization, Ministries of Natural Resources, border crossing agencies, fellow camp owners, and locals in the Red Lake area and have found that everyone shares the same sentiment that the border will not open soon and that there really is no plan to open it.

On the positive side, we as camp owners (considered essential workers) will be allowed to enter Canada and work on our camps with the sole intention of marketing to domestic guests only. We plan on working again on multiple projects and will market the camp locally as long as the border remains closed.

Our plan as of now is to begin the process of reaching out to our early seasons’ guests over the next couple of weeks to discuss the real possibility of an abbreviated season.

Take care and be safe,

The Holiski’s

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