Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!  I wouldn’t be in this place today if it wasn’t for my dad bringing me up to Eagle Falls Lodge 20 years ago.  I couldn’t get enough and was immediately hooked (haha, get it?!)  Little did I know I was only 14 years away from convincing Carrie to buy the place I loved spending time each summer.  Here’s the evidence circa mid to late 90s.

I know…this 11 year-old looks too skinny to be me.  
1996 Travis

My pops 20 years ago with a sizable walleye

Here’s a tip for you: invest in quality rain gear.  This suit is a step above a trash bag and I doubt it kept me dry.  But that didn’t stop me from coming back every year.  
1996 Travis stringer

Action shots are the best.
1996 Travis 2

Well, here’s how to not hold a fish.  Apparently I wasn’t a natural.  And I apparently enjoyed baggy T-shirts.
1996 Travis bad fish hold

When my siblings turned 10 or 11 they got to join in the fun too.  Here is the Mack crew in 2004.

So dads are pretty important.  If my dad hadn’t made the last-minute decision to include me on a trip with most of his co-workers I may not be here today.  So take a kid fishing.  Not your kid?  Take them anyway!  Who knows where it might lead?  So thanks dad!  And Happy Father’s Day to everyone else!

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