We want to wish all our friends and family back home Happy Memorial Day!  Up here in Canada they refer to it as the “American Long Weekend”.  However you slice it, the guests up here are feeling nice and settled in to their vacation week.  With a fairly full day of rain yesterday everyone was anxious to get out on the water to see how it impacted the walleye bite.  How are the fish biting, you ask?

Well, the walleye have a been a bit slower to turn on.  Somewhat of a repeat from last year.  The late ice-out has pushed back the spawn.  We have certainly encouraged all guests who catch a large female walleye to put her back – she’s got work to do in laying 10’s of 1,000’s of eggs!

The pike bite has been pretty good, which is to be expected. We had some guys catch lots of slot northern pike.  Slot fish have to go right back into the water and applies to any fish caught between 27.5″ to 35.5″ for northern pike.  We also saw a few above slot yesterday as well.

The first real test will be this afternoon – its fish fry night!  The guys were asking this morning how much fish we still needed, and what we do if we don’t get enough brought back.  Our response: “We don’t know, its never been an issue.”  It must be the work of the fishing gods, because there tends to be enough, every week, to fill the bellies of hard working anglers.  If not, you can still stuff yourself with all the other food.

Did we tell you the story about Cosmo chasing the wolf?  No?  Check back tomorrow…

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