Happy Valentine’s Day & Cosmo update

Hello everybody,

We are finally enjoying a warmer day here in Illinois. A balmy 45 degrees, but you’d think it was 70 out there. I sure as heck didn’t wear my coat when I was out running errands. I’m sure I speak for most when I say “come on spring!” Here is a picture of Cosmo a few weeks ago after our big snowstorm in Central Illinois. He had trouble figuring out where he was supposed to go “do his business” outside when everything was obviously cleared and the rest he couldn’t really see over the snow piles.

During the recent bitter cold days Cosmo has been fighting a tail injury. When he was a pup he injured the tip of his tail and since then if he hits it just right and with enough force it will open back up. You wouldn’t think this is a problem, except that the time Cosmo spends each day NOT wagging his tail is about 6 seconds. So to try and heal this mess is next to impossible. He is constantly swinging into chairs, tables, doorways, Travis and myself, you get the idea. Well, we tried everything, We had it wrapped for over a month, most of which Cosmo spent with one of those cone collars on as well to keep him from bothering his poor tail. After countless trips to the vet (and countless dollars, not that it stopped us – but still!) we came to the very hard decision to have his tail removed. Our vet had recommended this as an option during our first Operation Troubled Tail visit back in January. Our biggest concern was making sure that Cosmo’s ability to navigate and swim in the water wouldn’t be affected. Travis is probably the most thorough researcher I know, so I can confidently say that we considered and researched all options.

Cosmo had surgery last Thursday and is doing great! He came home on Friday night and Travis’ brother Carson and our good friend Matt Dillon came to visit and brought a giant bone for Cosmo. He is still taking it easy and has a follow up appointment on Wednesday. We are all getting used to Cosmo’s new look, but he is still just as sweet and eager as ever. The decision to remove his tail will ensure that he doesn’t face future tail injuries which will be great for him and for us. Someone told me “the silver lining was that we could put stuff on our coffee table now,” and I said ” are you kidding, now we can GET a coffee table!”

So, for Valentine’s Day we will snuggle up with Cosmo and eat our heart-shaped Papa Murphy’s pizza with smiles all around. Operation Troubled Tail made me realize how much we love Cosmo regardless of his appendages. We can’t wait for him to test out his new and improved rudder this summer at Eagle Falls Lodge!

REMINDER: For those who have yet to send in deposits, please do so as soon as possible. We are offering up remaining weeks at our sports shows, but want to ensure that previous guests get their preferred week. Thanks!

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