Heat wave

It got insanely hot up here this week.  Like 90 degrees and no wind hot.  Just the motivation I needed to up my swimming game.  One of our younger anglers this week even timed my swim to the point and back.  The time to beat is 23 minutes and 52 seconds.  I know I’m faster than that.  I’d easily beat that time if I could learn how to swim in a straight line.  I was overdue to get some decent swimming in because the Red Lake Triathlon is in just over 2 weeks.  Now that I know I won’t drown, I think I’ll sign up when I’m in town tomorrow.

We also treated everyone to fans!  During the town trip I raided the hardware store to make sure that there would be at least one fan available for every room.  Little did I know there was some assembly required.  Travis was quick to point out that we should be thankful we don’t have to be bent over installing tiny screws all day long at work.

How did we beat the heat?

– LOTS of jumping in the lake.
– Obsessively checking the weather to see when the cold front was going to arrive.  Weather update: cold front has arrived – thank goodness!
– Finding excuses to “search” for something in the deep freezer.
– Lots of cold beverages.  Over ice, on ice, in ice, with ice.  You name it.
– Using the ovens as little as possible.  Even with this in mind, the kitchen kinda turned into a molten death trap.  My own personal death trap.  I like to claim I’m tough, but the heat does me in faster than just about anything else.  We had a thermometer on the counter that was showing well over 80 degrees.  At all times of day.  Throw in a few hours worth of doing dishes in hot water and I looked and felt a little melty.
– Move as little as possible.  Cosmo took this one to heart.  He just sacked out on the floor where there was optimal breeze exposure.

The fishing definitely slowed down because of the heat for a few days.  By Monday evening, everyone looked a little bedraggled coming off the water.  Baking in the sun out there with no escape in less than ideal fishing conditions can be tough.  We, of course, rallied the troops with our dazzling personalities and ice-cream.

But, the tides have turned!  Yesterday was a much cooler, overcast day with patches of rain. Yay for cold fronts! Everyone caught loads of fish and I even got to go out and test my rain gear last night.  With the rough waves, high wind, and pouring rain, I came back with a wet butt and wet sleeves.  My feet were frozen and my fingers were numb.  Totally worth it with all the fish we caught.  I quickly changed into cozy clothes and made some hot tea.  If you would have told me on Monday that in 48hrs I would have long underwear on, I don’t know that I would have found the amusement in your prediction.  We all slept like babies last night with the 50 degree temperatures and a perfect Canadian breeze.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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