Hot Colors

Fishing continues to be productive and it’s time to narrow down the top 5 colors of the season. This is based on our experience trolling lindy rigs and input from guests, but let us know if we missed your favorite color.

5.) White – I’m always partial to this color ever since I hooked a 50″ musky while walleye fishing. Sure the fish was blind in one eye, but I like to think the white beads caught it’s “good” eye.

4.) Combinations of the top 3 colors – Whether you buy them in the store or build your own, don’t be afraid to try color combinations. Solid colors are reliable, but with experience you’ll find color combinations that will trigger bites on a slow day. A couple of my favorites are yellow and red along with yellow and white.

3.) Orange – Worm-thieving perch also really like orange, but if you don’t mind the occassional tat-tat-tat, pack some orange beads.

2.) Red – Always a favorite. I have had more personal success this year with red rigs on overcast days.

1.) Chartreuse (Yellow) – This is my go-to color. Always seems to produce and I usually only switch to other colors when I’m out or my boat partner is slaying fish on another color.

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  1. Great post Travis!!! This is just the info I need. Although, the fishing is great up there no matter what, a little more data like this is always helpful.

    Our group is all set to start our trek up on Friday. I’m looking forward to meeting the MACKs. See you in Red Lake on Saturday.



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