How to clean a walleye – video

Imagine its your first Canadian fishing trip and you are coming in after a very successful first day of fishing on Red Lake.  You can’t believe you waited this long to come up to spend a week fishing for walleye in the Canadian wilderness.  Staying at Eagle Falls Lodge is wonderful because of the absolute best hosts in the world (why not, we are imagining right?) and you and your buddies are ready to grab some beers and head down to the fish house to clean your daily limits worth of fresh delicious walleye.  As you pull the boat into the dock (perfectly of course – you were born to be a fishermen in the north country!) you look back at the sunset and think it can’t get any better than this.


So far so good, right?  Once the boat is tied up to the dock you grab the stringer out of the boat and tell your buddy you’ll just drop it off in the fish cleaning house for him.  He gives you a look of confusion.  He nervously admits that he assumed you would be cleaning the fish because he doesn’t know how.  Your shoulders slump.  You wrongly assumed he would be cleaning the fish because you have NO clue how to do it either.  Hmmm, a predicament of sorts.

Well, we are here to save the day!  Remember…best hosts in the world and all.  We have a step-by-step instructional video for you that a few of our longtime guests and good friends agreed to help put together.  I highly suggest checking it out before your trip up.  Just click the youtube link below to watch the video.

A big thanks to Phil and Kyle for helping us film the video!

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