The 2010 fishing season is upon us and looks to be fantastic at first glance. Yes, we managed to sneak away from the camp opening chores for an hour on the water. We had no trouble catching a dozen fish off “Stringer Point” on Parker during our hour of fun. The weather has been very warm – upper 70s and even 80s during our first week and it’s only rained once! A nice contrast to last year’s weather so far. The water is much lower than what you’ll remember from last summer which provided some opportunities for creative dock repairs. Other chores here are coming along nicely. We’re still working on the new internet connection. Patching the leaks started out like the ‘whack a mole’ game at the old arcade. We patched one leak and three more popped up. But we have finally managed to catch up and are happy to report that all plumbing and electrical systems are in good order. The cabins are clean, the boats are in the water, and the fish would like to be fed. See you soon!

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  1. That’s my daddy’s hand!

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