Illinois Fish & Feather Expo

Hey everyone!

Quick recap of the last 5 weeks:

1. Merry Christmas

2. Happy New Year

3. Happy Birthday Travis (& his brother Carson – same birthday!)

4. Hotel Mack opened up with a visit from Carrie’s mama, Gran, and brother.  Quick wash of sheets and Travis’ sister arrives to stay with us during a medical school rotation in Bloomington, Illinois for the month of January.

5. Good friends continue to visit us (how are we so lucky?) Shout out to Travis & Mary-Jane Owen!

6. Lots of chilly runs with Cosmo while we are fairly unrecognizable due to the amount of clothing required.

I guess we should be used to being busy by now, but how the heck is it almost February already?

Back to the post title:


That “win a trip to Canada!” line is regarding yours truly – Eagle Falls Lodge!

We are excited to start our sports show season and will begin next weekend here in Bloomington, Illinois.  We have done this show each year and it is a really nice event.  We get to chum around with lots of local guests and fishing enthusiasts.  Definitely helps to tide us over while we patiently wait for spring.

This show runs Friday – Sunday, January 25-27 at the Interstate Center (on the McLean County fairgrounds) on the west side of Bloomington, Illinois.  Click here for a map.

Please visit the show website to find out more information about what seminars are planned and what exhibitors will be present.

As always our booth will feature delicious Maple Creme Cookies straight from Canada!

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