It’s Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

We will be celebrating by eating nothing by maple creme cookies, poutine, and Labatt Blues. Can you imagine?  Just writing that gives me a stomach ache, actually.

It can be a bit of a bonus challenge heading into town on a major holiday like this.  Most stores are closed and people are busy relaxing.  As they should.  It definitely cut down my to-do or can-do list today!  Luckily for me, Tim Horton’s is still open.  Whew.

Just for fun, here is a list of a few notables who hail from Canada (in no particular order):

  1. Neil Young – singer songwriter
  2. Joni Mitchell – singer songwriter
  3. Elizabeth Arden – entrepreneur
  4. John Candy – actor
  5. Margaret Atwood – author/journalist
  6. Alex Trebek – gameshow host
  7. Adam Gopnik – writer
  8. Ellen Page – actress and activist
  9. E.J. Pratt – poet
  10. Peter Jennings – journalist
  11. Lorne Michaels – producer
  12. Mike Myers – comedian

Who knew?

I’ll be racing through a few town errands and then head back to camp to enjoy a moment of peace before the next crew arrives tomorrow.  Today is one of those perfectly perfect summer days. You know the ones where the sun warms your skin just right and then the breeze kicks in to keep you nice and cool.  One of those days when you want to eat an entire watermelon just because you can.  This morning, despite having little sleep,  I couldn’t help but pop my eyes open.  Despite the work load ahead, I chose to feel so incredible fortunate to get up and get at it.  A nice long run in town doesn’t hurt either.  For those Canadian’s on holiday today: enjoy.  Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the rest. Enjoy good food and company. Cheers!


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