June Hailstorm

We welcomed the month of June with a tremendous thunderstorm that produced pea-sized hail. Two heavy storms have slowed the fishing some, but we expect a quick rebound as the weather outlook looks good for the next week.

My brother Carson landed a 23″ walleye off a point near the lodge on Parker Lake shortly before the hail started. Visibility was poor, but he was able to make it back to the dock safely.

As a reminder, please be sure each person has a life jacket in the boat at all times. This is not only a law, but a very good idea. Seat cushions do not substitute for life jackets. We highly encourage you to wear your life jacket when underway, especially through any rough water. Knowing how to swim won’t help if you are left unconscious in a boating accident. We have many life jackets available at camp if you don’t already have a favorite or are trying to save some packing space.

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