Well, this happened….
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I know I mentioned that we were really hoping to not undo all the water hookup progress we had made this week, but after checking (and rechecking) the forecast it looked like there were going to be 3-4 nights dipping far enough below freezing to cause damage to the water system and plumbing that it wasn’t worth the risk. Last night bottomed out at 23 degrees!

So we effectively winterized the entire camp again.  Somehow it seems worse to get your water privileges taken away after having them for a few days, but after Monday we should be in the clear. Its definitely a case of you don’t know how many things truly take fresh water until you don’t have it. Cooking, cleaning, drinking, washing your hands, washing food, washing dishes, not to mention the bathroom. Its like we are camping! Inside a freezer!

Until the temperatures warm up we will be focused on inside jobs, surviving on granola bars and other easy prep/disposable foods, and staying warm.

Cosmo is a pro at this.  He barely makes it out from under his blanket.  Its like he knows to go into hibernation mode.  We can successfully keep our room at a balmy 58, and that will be our home base through the weekend.  Layer up folks.

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