Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Many of you are boating veterans while some of you are making your first trip to Eagle Falls Lodge this summer.  No matter how much experience you have, it doesn’t hurt to watch a refresher on how to start your boat motor below.  If you’re new to boating, you’ll have a head start before you arrive.

Watch both videos to see the difference between the new electric start motors we are in the process of upgrading to and the older pull-start motors.  Half of the motors on each lake are now electric start.  Next year 75% will be electric and we will be 100% electric for the 2015 season.  Don’t worry, if you don’t like pushing a button to start your motor, you can still pull the handle on the electric starts for nostalgic purposes.

What do you think is the most confusing/easily forgettable part of boat motor operation?  Let us know if we can clarify anything else – we are here to help!


  1. Great video. I had no idea the motor was supposed to be unlocked while running forward. I actually had Trav walk me through the motor this past June. Even though I own a boat, every boat is a little different, but one thing they all have in common is that they are verrrrrry expensive to repair. Motors usually run about $100 per horsepower. GG>AZ

  2. Thanks Gary! You are right, boats are definitely expensive to repair.

  3. Great video. It will be really nice when they are all electric start. Us older guys like that, LOL.

    John T, Greenfield, IA

  4. I agree, John. It is pretty nice to just push a button versus pulling the start cord! Glad you are enjoying the upgrade.

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