We saw several nice sized fish last week.  Check them out!

Tom caught a 34.5″ northern.
Tom 34.5 Northern

Bill’s 24″ walleye
Bill 24%22 Walleye

Skip released this 24.5″ walleye.
Skip 24.5%22 Walleye

Bill caught several nice pike in the slot and over the slot like this 36″.
Bill 36%22 Northern

Dennis landed this 40″ northern pike.
Dennis 40%22 Northern

Don tracked down this beauty – 28-1/8″ walleye to briefly take over the season lead.
Don 28-1:8%22 walleye

But Natalie edged him out with this 28-1/4″ walleye!
Natalie 28.25%22 Walleye

We saw several nice sized smallmouths last week too including 3 over 19″!

Here’s Mercer with a 16″ football
Mercer 16%22 Smallmouth
Phil released this 19-1/4″ fish
Phil 19.25%22 Smallmouth
Phil had a string of nice catches including this 25-3/4″ walleye
Phil 25.75%22 Walleye
38-3/4″ muskie
Phil 38.75%22 Muskie
and mammoth 42″ pike!
Phil 42%22 Northern option 1 Phil 42%22 Northern option 2

Thanks for sharing pictures everyone!  

We made it out fishing a little bit last week.  From what we observed and heard here are some updates on the fishing.  Most walleye are still being taken in 5-15′ of water on lindy rigs, jigs, and similar setups.  Several nice sized pike were hitting very shallow on a variety of spoons and crank baits.  Smallmouth are still being caught on the rock reefs on Parker.  No rock bass sightings so far this season so we may have to make a rock bass run.  Weed growth is accelerating rapidly with the few sunny days we had.

We are excited to see what a new week will bring! 


  1. Was muskie from Flat?

  2. Dave Dvorak

    Is the Muskie from Flat lake?

  3. Gary Grimes

    On the drive to Red Lake, about halfway up the Red Lake road, I saw what I believe to be a mountain lion on a sprint across the road a couple of hundred yards in front of our vehicle. Being from the desert southwest in Arizona, I have seen mountain lions on several occasions while hunting. I would estimate the size to be 60 lbs, did not look like a full grown cat. The body color was cinamon/blond, short hair, a long tail, smaller than canine head with a short snout, short ears. The animal was on a full spring across the road, and really stretched out when the two front legs extended forward in the sprint. I still have the image in my head. I guess it could be something else, but it wasn’t a fox, wolf, or lynx. Checked with the Ontario Ministry, and mountain lions are listed as an endangered specie, so I submitted a sighting report.

    • eaglefallslodge

      Wow, Gary! That is pretty cool. Let us know if you hear anything back from the MNR. Hope you made it home okay!

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