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Greetings loyal followers!

Travis and I spent this past weekend talking up the lodge, running into guests from Central Illinois, and giving away Maple Creme Cookies at the Illinois Fish and Feather Show here in Bloomington.  It was good time had by all, especially this guy:
FullSizeRender IMG_2370

Cosmo came to the show for most of the day on Saturday and he thought that was pretty much the best thing ever.  He did great!  He hung out in the booth and would occasionally venture out into the aisle to snag some pats and give out kisses.  A few times he would come back behind the table to grab his bone and then go back out to parade it around, and if the person he was entertaining had already moved on he just searched and searched.  Like, “where did my friend go?”  Such a goof.

So, Facebook reviews….

We want them!  You can know leave reviews on our Facebook page.  Follow the link below to get to our Facebook page:

Eagle Falls Lodge Facebook Page

Step 1: Like our Facebook page.  Shame shame if you haven’t done THIS already!
Step 2: Scroll down and find the Review section on the left side of the screen.
Step 3: Click on the right arrow in the Review section (this will take you to a new page).
Step 4: Leave a review for Eagle Falls Lodge.  We of course hope it will be full of compliments and comments about how we are the best lodge ever, but review honestly.  This can be a place for us to send potential guests to look at reviews and testimonials and we certainly want to provide an accurate representation of what they can expect, etc.  What would you want to know?
Step 5: When your co-worker, roommate, spouse, child, or random stranger next to you at the coffee shop asks what you are smiling about tell them you were just daydreaming about how you can’t wait to get back up to Red Lake and its best kept secret.  Ahem, that’s us – right?!

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