It has been one heck of a week my friends.  Sometimes all you can do is take another deep breath and eat a bowl of ice cream.

As we finish out this week, I thought I’d share some of the lessons we have learned as of late.

1. When Travis tells you that the brakes on the truck are acting spongy (yes, that is a technical term) and to be careful and report back as to how I found them to be working, this might be a sign that the brakes are on their way out.

2. When the brakes start to act like they are going out you should probably take it in to get fixed.  Don’t attempt to finish your errands first.  Yeah, I did that.  By some lucky miracle there were no accidents despite the fact that I had no braking power.  My little foot on my short little leg was pressed all the way to the floorboard and I kept rolling right along.  I can’t recommend this method when driving.  Geesh.

3. When the marina gives you a truck to borrow in the meantime, pass on the first truck offered.  It’s going to let you down by way of dead battery.  You might get stranded while running your errands.  You might.

4. When they show up with yet another truck, don’t expect it to be in mint condition.  The steering will be shot, but its got brakes and it starts.  Runs like a champ, you just might hold up traffic when attempting to make any sort of turn.  These types of things build character.  And arm muscles.

5. If you go to pump water out of the boats (again) as soon as it stops raining this is a guaranteed way to ensure it will resume raining within the hour.  Without fail.  All day.  Everyday.

6. When you are gassing boats make sure to replace the cap to the gas tank in the boat.  Especially this week.  See above lesson.

7. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER.  IMMEDIATELY.  I can’t stress this one enough.  Or resort back to the pen and paper method for all your record keeping.  Still clinging to the hope that we can rescue our files by putting them on an external hard drive.  Wish us luck.

8. Make sure you have a very calm, collected, helpful, IT friend that doesn’t mind when you call in a panic about said computer problems.  It is especially helpful when they can dumb down all technical jargon as they help you remotely at all hours of the day and night.  (Thanks Mary-Jane and Alexander!)

9. Remember that all of this is just stuff.  As daunting as it may be, it can all be replaced.  Right?

10. Eat the ice cream soon.  Because you never know when the freezer might shell out….


  1. Bob Byrnes

    My motto has always been; “life is too short, always eat dessert first!” Sorry it took so much interference in your week to bring this to light. But hey, better late than never. A high quality carrot cake can also be therapeutic! See you in a few weeks b

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