Lodge Leaderboard Update

Hello everyone!  There are only a few days left in the 2014 season and the bar for big fish keeps inching higher and higher.  We just wanted to pass along a quick note that the lodge leaderboards for the different species are updated on the site.

We also added a Rock Bass leaderboard after many requests.  Actually there weren’t really that many requests, but we love rock bass so you’re getting a leaderboard anyway.  The 8.25″ rock bass I caught early in the season is no longer holding the top spot, but time remains for a late push.

If you find your name on a leaderboard with no photo, that means we don’t have it so please send it to us!  You can find the leaderboards on the sidebar on the right side of the blog page or just click below:

2014 Walleye Leaderboard

2014 Northern Pike Leaderboard

2014 Muskie Leaderboard

2014 Smallmouth Bass Leaderboard

2014 Rock Bass Leaderboard

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