Lure of the Year 2011

The winner for the 2011 lure of the year goes to the Williams Wabler.  We decided to bring a few with us last year after reading some rave reviews such as “spectacular…must-have lure…favorite spoon…my tackle box is full of Wablers”.  

We were pleasantly surprised after trying out a few varieties of the Wabler spoons.  Our favorite was a ¾ ounce hammered gold/silver, but Cabela’s has several color and size combinations ranging from $5 – $8.  

Carrie landed her 42” Northern on the Wabler last season.  I has one that was likely bigger hooked and up to the side of the boat, but it shook loose before I could land it (Carrie doesn’t believe it was bigger than hers).  We also caught some walleye on the Wabler too.  The spoon has an irresistable darting action on the retrieve that provides consistent strikes.  If you get tired of casting it, you should find success trolling it as well.  

It might be worth picking up a couple to try on your trip to Canada this season since we know many of you stop at Cabela’s on the way.  We’ve got our eye out for the lure of the year in 2012, but we plan to keep using some Wablers in the meantime! 

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  1. Excellent. I will pick some up at the Cabelas in Owatonna on my way up.

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