Mega Shore Lunch!!

Hello all!
I hope everyone is settling back into their routine after the holiday weekend.  
I wanted to share a bunch of pictures with everyone from the incredible shore lunch which took place last week.  We have a father/son duo that have become known around Eagle Falls Lodge for their annual shore lunch extravaganza.  They are nice enough to plan it around our daily chores, so we usually try to make an appearance.  
This year, someone very special got to attend!

Jeff and Andy do all the traditional shore lunch dishes, but also make some delicious extra sides that make it memorable.  These guys plan everything out and do all the cooking.  We just show up and chow down!  It was a beautiful day last week and one of the other groups at the lodge ended up joining in for MEGA SHORE LUNCH!

Here is Jeff frying up some delicious walleye!

Oh baby!

Some of you may recognize this shore lunch spot out on Parker Lake

Our good friends the Dillons

This guy…

Cosmo had a blast!  He had a whole new island to explore.

Mary-Jane and me chilling after a delicious meal

Who are these weirdos?  We look like we have never ventured out into nature before.  Like ever.
And, yes, he did wear his life jacket the entire time.  I don’t know why.

 Good looking group!

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