Mid Summer Report

Hello Everybody.

I have been majorly slacking on my end of the blogging world. Travis has written one too many if you ask me. Well, I decided to put an end to that.

Out at camp we are pretty much at the halfway mark for this season. I can’t believe it. Time has gone by really quickly this year! Cosmo has managed to maintain his weight so far this year which Travis and I are really happy about. Nothing like having a starving puppy face watching you cook all day long. As much as he watches me I think Cosmo could pretty much take over KP duty if I got eaten by a monster Northern.

Cosmo had a special visitor last week. My grandma, Barbara Vestal, from Marshfield, MO came up as a guest last week. We had a lot of fun fishing and hiking out at camp. She also got to go to Red Lake’s Norseman Festival which was this weekend. You can find out more about this event in Red Lake by clicking here. Below you can see that she enjoyed being out on the water and had some success of her own catching Walleye, Northern Pike, and Perch.

I am in town today (on Sunday, which is extremely unusual) to pick up my other grandma, mama, and two cousins, also from Missouri. I’m sure we will have some more pictures soon of all their fishing adventures.

Until next time…

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